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Miro 4 - Vision Research
Categoria: Ultra Slow Motion

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  • The Miro 4 includes our own high resolution 800x600 pixel CMOS sensor combined with a maximum full frame recording speed of 1,000 pictures per second. The continuously adjustable shutter supplies exposures as short as 2 microseconds for incredible motion freezing control. The Miro 4 provides excellent image quality with your choice of color or monochrome sensors that deliver 8-bit pixel depth, or 12-bit as an option.

    A built-in touch sensitive LCD display screen allows you to preview your scene, playback recorded image files, and it also serves as the control interface for adjusting camera settings. The Miro"s removable external rechargeable battery frees you from mains power sources resulting in a truly a stand alone high-speed imaging system. This camera shares the same compact size as the others in the Miro family, making it extremely portable and an ideal choice for working in confined environments, or working cable free in the field.

    Recorded image sequences are captured and initially stored in internal DRAM featuring a spacious 1GB (2GB optional) capacity. This memory can also be segmented in up to four sections when needed. Images may then be securely stored to inexpensive and removable CompactFlash media cards. These cards can then be read and downloaded to a conventional PC for viewing and analysis using our Phantom application, or the TEMA Starter for Phantom software, both included with every Miro purchase

    There are many other features to explore within the Miro 4, many traditionally found only on larger PC controlled cameras. This Miro 4 can set you free, free of cables and bulky equipment without sacrificing performance and image quality.

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    Key Features:

    Resolution: 800x600
    Frame rate: 10 - 1,000 fps full frame 800x600, >111,111 fps at 32x16
    Minimum exposure: 2 microseconds
    Sensitivity: 4800 ISO monochrome, 1200 ISO color (ISO 12232)
    Built-in memory: 1GB or 2GB (optional)
    Nonvolatile memory: CompactFlash removable
    Pixel bit-depth: 8-bits standard, 12-bits optional
    Record time: 8.9 seconds at 500 fps (2GB memory, 8-bit)
    Camera control: 10/100 Ethernet
    Camera signals: Trigger, Strobe/IRIG out, Ready, Sync, IRIG in, Video Out
    Video out: PAL & NTSC
    Lensing: 1" C-mount, F-mount w/adapter
    Size: 4.4" x 3.4" x 3.1" (W x D x H); 11.2cm x 8cm x 7.9cm
    Weight: 2.5 lbs, 1.1 kg
    Power: 12-32VDC, 12W
    Battery: LI-Ion

    Active Pixel Window Size and Maximum Speeds:

    H        V       FPS
    800    600    1,265
    640    480    1,949
    512    512    2,252
    512    384    2,985
    512    256    4,429
    512    128    8,583
    512    64     16,194
    320    240    7,155
    256    512    4,192
    256    256    8,146
    256   128    15,325
    256    64     27,586
    128   128    25,477
    128    64     43,010
    64     64      58,823
    32     32      95,238
    32     16     111,111

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